Hair Products

Available to purchase in the Salon


We are now using and stocking milk_shake hair products, making the most of the benefits of nature to offer dedicated solutions for all hair types. With natural ingredients such as milk and yoghurt proteins and fruit extracts to enhance the hair’s natural beauty.


Products for Coloured Hair

Hydration and protection for colour treated hair, the flower fragrance range smells amazing with a vegan-friendly formula.


Products for Blond Hair

Blond hair requires particular care to maintain its lustre and shine, especially if it’s been highlighted or lightened. Over time, repeated washing, technical treatments, external aggressors and
brushing can deprive blond hair of its natural beauty. At the same time, white or grey hair can have unwanted brassy or yellow tones. In all of these cases, yellow and golden hues create the
perception of unkempt hair, aging hair, or in the case of hair lightening, a bad technical service. It’s therefore good practice to use a specific treatment that neutralizes excessive yellow or brassy tones to create neutral and radiant blonds, pastel coloured lightening, and radiant whites, both in salon and at home.

Other Shampoos and Conditioners

We stock a full range for every hair type, including moisture, volume, energising, deep cleansing, purifying, curl and nourishing.

Products for Styling

milk_shake lifestyling is the complete range of styling products to create an infinite array of looks.


The INSTA.LIGHT range has been specially developed to seal and protect hair giving it the ultimate glazed finish that will leave hair with a dazzling effect that lasts up to 3 washes. Available as a salon treatment and a take home product.


We also stock a range of gift sets, straighteners, curling wands and brushes…perfect for Christmas and birthday presents.

OLAPLEX products are also available to take home.